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Redefining Payments by Enhancing Traditional Transactions

Paywith allows your business to apply game-changing payment and loyalty functionality when using your card to make a payment by applying multiple funding accounts to a single transaction.

We do so without disrupting legacy systems or having to re-issue cards.

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Meet our Marketplace. Make it your own.

Our suite of API’s allow you to seamlessly connect PayWith’s Marketplace into your existing program to bring your audience unmatched value with each transaction.

Choose the Products and Features you would like your cardholders to have access to, use our APIs to plug them into your cards to provide more utility.

Powered by our Dynamic Payments Engine

Our Dynamic Payments Engine connects multiple accounts to one transaction.

This means your users can apply logic like never before. For example. They can earn & burn cashback, partially pay with Cryptocurrencies and the rest with BNPL, all in a single tap.

Powered by Dynamic Payments Engine.png

The relationship between our Dynamic Processing Engine and our Marketplace

Our Marketplace contains a suite of Product and Features that can be stacked at the time of purchase when using our Dynamic Payment Engine (DPE). It’s the combination of the two that make it possible to apply multiple funding accounts to a single transaction to create the experience your customers want.

Once you've selected the utility you would like to provide to your cardholders, you can use our purposefully built APIs to connect our DPE into your ecosystem to light up your cards and ensure a cohesive branding experience by using your own app. 

Client Ecosystem

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Your Card Program.png

Your Card Program

We have built Adaptors to accept transactional data for the most used payment mechanisms (ex. existing Credit, Debit, QR, and BNPL). Using this data, we apply the appropriate logic to transactions based on the Features they have access to.

Your Card Program

Your Mobile App.png

Your Mobile App

A mobile application has to be connected to PayWith’s Marketplace to allow the Customers to interact with the Features. These apps can include your existing app, our white-label Rewards app, or our mCards app.

Your Mobile App

Paywith Payment Ecosystem

Paywith Logo.png

Dynamic Payments Engine

The DPE allows a customer to use multiple features to fund a single transaction. These features can be customized by the Distributor they belong to.

Dynamic Payment Engine




Pay with Points

Pay with Points Icon.png
Points +Pay Icon.png

Points +Pay

Merchant Offers Icon.png

Merchant Offers


White Label Marketplace

The Marketplace is fully designed by the Program Operator, allowing them to add or remove any feature they wish.

White Label Marketplace




Gift Cards

Gift Cards Icon.png
BNPL Icon.png

Buy Now, Pay Later

Crypto Icon.png

Crypto Currency

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Case Studies

We are proud to share a number of programs we’ve had a hand in bringing to market. Each program is different however illustrates the unique utility Paywith can add using a combination of our Marketplace, Dynamic Payments Engine, and Adaptors.

EML Icon.png

EML Payments

We worked with EML to design a ground-breaking new solution for the "Salary Packaging Industry." This mobile app / card combination helped EML secure a strong foothold on the Salary packaging market.

Incentiapay Icon.png


Paywith is working with Incentiapay to develop a suite of new and innovative fintech oriented products and solutions that leverage Incentiapay's powerful merchant discounts and rewards.

LOYL Icon.png


Paywith has created a new and exciting Points program that set's the new standard for points, cashback and rewards. Earn everywhere, and burn points at any locations you are LOYL. It pays to be LOYL.

Humm Icon.png


Humm is leveraging Paywith’s Payment Ecosystem to expand their loyalty offering to include, Pay with Points, Points + Pay, and merchant funded cashback offers.

Bangor Icon.png

Bangor Savings Bank

Bangor Bank partnered with Paywith to design a loyalty program in the United States, focused on customer cashback at local merchants. This program increased spend and customer frequency at participating merchants.

Our Partners

Paywith works with, and has integrated solutions with may of the top fintech service providers and solutions providers in Australia to create an ecosystem that is set for “Instant Innovation”.

Below are just a few of our featured partners that you are able to plug into when using our developer’s API’s and services for your card programs.

EML 2.35.47 PM.png
Bangor Logo.png
Stripe 2.35.47 PM.png
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